How Do You Make a Fishing Rod Carrier?

Making a fishing rod carrier is a great way to transport your rods and reels with ease. This can be done quite easily, so long as you have the right materials and tools.

The most important part of making a rod carrier is making sure that it can hold the weight of your equipment without breaking.

The first step to making a rod carrier is to gather all the materials needed. This includes an appropriate size plastic or metal pipe, either PVC or steel, that has been cut into two pieces with one piece being slightly longer than the other. Additionally, you will need two pieces of strong webbing, some nails or screws, and some glue.

Once all the materials are ready, it’s time to start assembling the rod carrier. Start by drilling holes in each end of the longer pipe piece, then line up the two pipe pieces so that they form an ‘L’ shape. Secure them together with screws or nails and then glue them together if necessary.

Next, cut two pieces of webbing that are slightly longer than the length of your rod carrier. Take one piece of webbing and lay it on top of one end of your rod carrier before looping it around the other side and securing it with nails or screws. Repeat this process for the other piece of webbing so that you have two handles on either side.


Making a fishing rod carrier is not as difficult as it may seem. With some basic materials and tools such as plastic pipes, strong webbing, nails or screws, and glue, you can quickly make a durable and reliable rod holder that will last for years to come. Just make sure you take into account how much weight your equipment will be carrying when designing your carrier!

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