How Do You Make a Fishing Reel Line Spooler?

Making your own fishing reel line spooler is a great way to save money on expensive store-bought models. By making your own spooler, you can customize the design to fit perfectly with your specific fishing rod and reel setup.

A line spooler is a simple device that holds the fishing line in place while you’re winding it onto the spool of the reel. It also keeps tension on the line as you’re winding so that it doesn’t get tangled or knotted.

To make your own fishing reel line spooler, you’ll need some basic materials such as plywood, screws, nuts and bolts, wire and a few other pieces of hardware. The first step is to build a base for the spooler using plywood or other sturdy material.

You can use any shape or size that fits your needs but keep in mind that it should be able to support the weight of the fishing rod and reel you plan to use with it.

Next, attach two small pieces of wood at right angles to each other in order to create a cross-shaped frame for attaching the wire or cable that will ultimately hold your fishing line in place. Secure these pieces together with screws and nuts and bolts. This frame should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your fishing rod so that it fits snugly around it when attached.

Once this is done, attach one end of your wire or cable to one side of the frame using screws and nuts and bolts. Pull it tautly across to the opposite side and secure this end in place as well. You may need to add more lengths of wire or cable if you want extra tension on your line.

Finally, attach a small piece of metal such as an old door handle or something similar onto one side of the cross-shaped frame so that you can easily rotate it when winding up your fishing line onto your reel. This metal piece should be secured with screws into place.


Making a homemade fishing reel line spooler isn’t difficult if you have basic carpentry skills and some basic materials on hand. With just plywood, screws, nuts and bolts, wire or cable, and some metal hardware you can easily create a custom-made spooler that will save you money while keeping your lines safe from tangles and knots when out on the water!

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