How Do You Make a Fishing Pole Carrier?

Fishing pole carriers are an important tool for any angler, allowing them to keep their fishing poles safe, secure and organized. Fortunately, making a fishing pole carrier is a relatively easy project that can be done with commonly available materials. Here are the steps for making your own custom fishing pole carrier.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The materials you will need to make a fishing pole carrier include: two pieces of PVC pipe, two elbows, four end caps, PVC glue and duct tape. The length of your PVC pipes will depend on the number of poles you want to carry and how large they are.

Step 2: Cut and Glue

Cut the PVC pipes into lengths equal to the height of your poles plus 1-2 inches. Then cut the elbows into halves.

Use the PVC glue to attach one half of an elbow onto each end of one of the pieces of PVC pipe. Make sure that all connections are tight! Once complete, repeat this process for the other pieces of pipe.

Step 3: Attach End Caps

Next, attach the end caps to each end of both pieces of pipe using PVC glue. Make sure they fit securely in place! Once dry, use duct tape to reinforce all connections.

Step 4: Attach Straps

Now you need to attach straps or webbing so that you can carry your fishing pole carrier with ease. You can use small carabiners or even bungee cords as straps. Attach these securely onto both ends of your carrier.


Making a fishing pole carrier is a great way for anglers to safely keep their gear organized and secure. With just some simple materials and tools anyone can make their own custom fishing pole carrier in no time at all!

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