How Do You Make a Fishing Leader Line?

Making a fishing leader line is an important part of successful fishing, as it helps protect the main fishing line from damage and keeps your bait from being too visible to the fish. Leader lines are usually made of nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon, or wire.

The type of leader you use will depend on the kind of fishing you are doing and the size and type of fish you are Targeting. Here is a step-by-step guide to making your own leader line.

Step 1: Choose Your Line
The first step in making a leader line is to choose the type of line material you want to use. Monofilament is a popular choice for most applications and is relatively inexpensive.

Fluorocarbon is also becoming more popular, as it has less visibility in the water than regular monofilament, which helps when trying to catch more wary species like trout. If you’re Targeting larger fish or dealing with tough cover, then wire may be your best option.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Line
Once you’ve chosen the type of line material you want to use, measure out how much you need and cut it with scissors. For most applications, a length between 6-10 feet should suffice. Make sure you have enough so that it can reach from your reel to your bait or lure without having too much excess.

Step 3: Attach Your Line
Next, attach one end of your leader line to your reel using a swivel or loop knot. Be sure that it’s securely attached so that it doesn’t come undone while casting or retrieving. Then tie on the other end with a clinch knot or similar knot that will hold fast when tugged.

Step 4: Add Sleeves and Swivels
If desired, add some sleeves and swivels along the length of your leader for added protection against abrasion from rocks and other obstacles. This will help keep your leader from fraying over time.

Step 5: Test Your Leader Line
The last step in making a leader line is testing it out!

Cast out into open water and pull back slowly on the rod tip until you feel resistance. This will let you know if everything is connected properly before heading out on your next fishing trip.


Making a fishing leader line may seem intimidating at first but with these five steps, anyone can make their own custom-made leader lines for whatever kind of fishing they’re doing! With just some basic materials and some time set aside for practice, anyone can become an expert at making their own leaders in no time.

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