How Do You Make a Fiberglass Fishing Pole?

Fiberglass fishing rods are a great choice for anglers who need the strength and durability of a graphite rod but the flexibility of a bamboo rod. They can be used for trolling, jigging, or baitcasting and are available in many lengths and weights.

Making your own fiberglass fishing pole can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are the steps to make a basic fiberglass fishing pole.

1. Gather Materials:

You will need several items in order to make a fiberglass fishing pole, including a graphite or bamboo rod blank, epoxy resin, fiberglass cloth, sandpaper, liquid hardener, mixing cups and stir sticks.

2. Cut the Rod Blank:

The next step is to cut the rod blank to the desired length using a saw or power tool. Care must be taken not to damage the blank while cutting it.

3. Sand and Prepare the Rod Blank:

Once you have cut the rod blank to size, use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges and prepare it for coating with epoxy resin.

4. Apply Epoxy Resin:

Mix up some epoxy resin according to package directions in a mixing cup.

Use a stir stick to mix in some liquid hardener until it is fully blended into the resin. Using a brush or roller, apply several coats of this mixture onto the rod blank.

5. Apply Fiberglass Cloth:

Once you have applied all of your coats of epoxy resin, you can now add the fiberglass cloth to give your rod extra strength and durability. Cut several pieces of cloth slightly larger than your rod blank and lay them on top of each other before applying more coats of epoxy resin over them.

6. Final Steps:

Once all of your layers have been applied and dried completely, use sandpaper again to finish smoothing any rough edges on your new fiberglass fishing pole before using it on your next fishing trip!


In summary, making your own fiberglass fishing pole is an enjoyable project that can be completed with just a few supplies and tools from around your home or garage. With patience and practice you can create rods that are just as strong and durable as those purchased from stores!

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