How Do You Line a Shakespeare Reverb Fishing Pole?

Shakespeare Reverb fishing poles are a popular choice among anglers who want a reliable, lightweight and durable fishing pole to take along on their adventures. These rods are designed with a unique blank that utilizes a proprietary blend of graphite and fiberglass materials to create a strong yet flexible rod that can withstand the rigors of freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The blank is also treated with an epoxy coating for added protection against the elements. The Shakespeare Reverb also comes with an aluminum oxide guide system, which provides smoother casting and improved drag performance.

When it comes time to line your Shakespeare Reverb fishing pole, there are several steps you need to take to ensure proper installation. First, you will need to tie on the appropriate type of line for your rod, which should be based on the type of water you plan to fish in and the size of fish you intend to catch.

Once your line is attached, you will need to determine how much of it should spool onto your reel. This will depend on the reel’s capacity as well as the type of line being used.

Once you have determined how much line should be spooled onto your reel, you will next need to attach the line securely at both ends of the reel. To do this, you will need to tie off a loop knot at one end and then run the other end through each eyelet on the rod until it reaches the handle. Finally, use another loop knot at this end in order to secure the line tightly.

Once these steps are complete, it’s time to cast! Make sure that when casting your Shakespeare Reverb fishing pole that you keep tension on both sides of your line so that it does not become slack during or after casting. To maintain tension throughout your cast make sure that you are using proper technique when performing each step.


In conclusion, lining a Shakespeare Reverb fishing pole is not difficult if done correctly. It requires taking into account what type of water and fish size you will be Targeting as well as tying off two loop knots at both ends of the reel in order to secure the line properly before casting. With these steps followed correctly anglers can enjoy improved performance from their Shakespeare Reverb Fishing Pole!

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