How Do You Line a Pocket Combo on a Fishing Rod?

Knowing how to line a pocket combo on a fishing rod is a skill that all anglers should learn. It’s an easy process that takes just minutes and gives you the ability to customize your setup, adjust your line weight, and fine-tune the drag of your reel.

The first step in lining a pocket combo is to select the right line for the task at hand. A good rule of thumb is to match the weight of your line with the size of your rod and reel.

If you’re using a medium-weight rod and reel, then use medium-weight line; if you’re using heavy rods and reels, then use heavier lines. In addition, you should also look for lines that are abrasion resistant and have low memory – this will help ensure that your line stays tangle-free and castable for longer periods of time.

Once you’ve selected the right line for your setup, it’s time to start spooling it onto your reel. To do this, tie one end of the line onto the spool and begin wrapping it around the spool in a clockwise direction until it’s fully loaded.

As you wrap it around, make sure that there are no gaps or spaces between each wrap – this will help keep everything tight and neat as you spool it up. As an extra precaution, you can also apply some graphite powder or silicone grease to reduce friction between the wraps as well as increase their longevity.

Once all of the line is on the reel, thread it through all of the guides on your rod starting from tip-downwards until it reaches its final resting place – which is usually near where you attached the main line initially (near where it meets with your reel). Once everything is threaded properly, give each guide a tug to make sure everything is secure before proceeding with reattaching any knots or swivels that may have been removed when threading through them.


Lining a pocket combo on a fishing rod doesn’t have to be difficult – by following these simple steps anyone can quickly learn how to do it correctly. Start by selecting an appropriate line weight for your setup, then proceed by spooling up your reel in a clockwise direction while ensuring there are no gaps between each wrap. Next thread through all guides starting from tip-downwards and finally give each guide a tug before reattaching any knots or swivels if necessary.

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