How Do You Keep Braided Fishing Line From Slipping?

Braided fishing line is stronger than monofilament line and can be used for trolling, bottom fishing, casting and jigging. It is also more abrasion-resistant, allowing you to make longer casts without the fear of fraying or snapping the line.

However, one of the drawbacks of using braided fishing line is that it has a tendency to slip on the reel. This can be a real nuisance when trying to get a good cast or when trying to pull in a big fish.

To avoid any slipping of braided fishing line, it is recommended to use a suitable knot. The Uni-Knot is widely recognized as an effective option for securing braided line to a reel with a sturdy connection. It is crucial to ensure the knot is properly tied to prevent any slipping or unraveling during fishing. If a leader is being used, it is advised to tie a uni-knot on both ends of the material.

Another method for keeping your braided fishing line from slipping on your reel is by applying a small amount of wax or grease to the spool before threading the braid through it. This will help create some friction which will reduce any slipping that may occur.

Lastly, if you’re still having trouble with your braid slipping then you may want to consider investing in some anti-slip rings. These rings are designed specifically for use with braided lines and can provide extra grip on your spool so that your braid stays put.


Keeping your braided fishing line from slipping can be done by using an appropriate knot such as the Uni-Knot, applying a small amount of wax or grease to your spool before threading through it, and investing in anti-slip rings if needed. With these methods, you should have no problem preventing your braid from slipping while out on the water!

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