How Do You Keep Beads on a Fishing Line?

Fishing with beads can be an effective way to attract fish. Beads attract fish by imitating the eye of prey, such as small insects and crustaceans. Fish are naturally curious and will often investigate the colorful beads.

In order to use beads in fishing, it is important to know how to keep them on a fishing line. The most common way to attach beads is by using a crimp bead.

Crimp beads are small metal tubes that can be squeezed together with pliers, which will hold the bead in place on the line. A small piece of monofilament line or leader material should be used when attaching a crimp bead. This will help protect the line from fraying and make sure that the bead stays in place during casting and retrieving.

Another option for attaching beads is by using split shot weights or swivels. These items are also made of metal and can be used to attach multiple beads at once.

Split shot weights are normally used for sinkers or weighting rigs, but they can also be used for attaching beads. Swivels are also useful for attaching multiple beads as they allow the line to spin freely when casting and retrieving lures or bait rigs.

Finally, there are some specialized tools that can be used for attaching beads securely to a fishing line. The most popular of these tools is a Bead Threader, which is designed specifically for threading multiple strands of fishing line through large sized plastic or glass beads without damaging them. Bead Threaders come in various sizes depending on the size of the bead being attached, so it’s important to get one that matches your needs before attempting this method.

Knowing how to keep beads on a fishing line is an essential part of successful fishing with bait or lures featuring colorful accents like those created by using various sized and shaped beads. By using crimp beads, split shots weights, swivels or specialized tools like Bead Threaders you can securely attach multiple strands of brightly colored fish attracting accents onto your fishing lines without fear that they will slip off during casting and retrieving your lure or bait rigs!
Conclusion: Keeping beads on a fishing line requires using some sort of tool such as crimp beads, split shot weights, swivels or specialized tools such as Bead Threaders in order to ensure they stay secure while casting and retrieving lures or bait rigs!

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