How Do You Keep a Two Piece Fishing Rod Together?

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity for many, and having the right equipment is essential for any successful fishing trip. A two-piece fishing rod is a convenient and economical way to get the supplies you need to fish with ease.

But how do you keep your two piece fishing rod together?

The most common way to keep a two piece fishing rod together is by using a ferrule. This is a metal sleeve that slides over the joint of the two pieces.

It’s important to make sure that the ferrule slides over the joint smoothly and evenly so that there’s no gap between the sections when you press it together. Once the ferrule is in place, it should be firmly tightened to ensure that your rod remains secure.

Another way to keep your two piece fishing rod together is by using a reel seat. A reel seat attaches securely to both sections of your rod and helps them stay connected while you’re casting and reeling in your catch. Reel seats come in various sizes, so make sure you choose one that fits your particular brand of rod.

In addition, using an adhesive like epoxy or super glue can also help secure your two piece fishing rods together. These adhesives can be used in combination with ferrules or reel seats for extra security if desired. However, make sure you apply them correctly and let them dry completely before attempting to use your rod.


Keeping a two piece fishing rod together is essential for ensuring an enjoyable and successful fishing trip. The most popular methods involve using either ferrules, reel seats or adhesives like epoxy or super glue. Regardless of which method you choose, always ensure that all connections are secure before heading out on the water.

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