How Do You Keep a Fishing Rod From Breaking?

Fishing rods are a vital part of any angler’s arsenal, but they can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. If you want to keep your fishing rod in top condition, there are a few steps you can take to protect it from breaking.

Keep It Covered

When you’re not using your fishing rod, make sure to keep it covered with a quality rod cover or bag. This will protect the rod from dirt and debris as well as from UV damage. A quality cover or bag also helps to prevent accidental breakage when transporting your rod.

Check For Damage

Before each use, inspect your fishing rod for any signs of damage. Look for cracks, chips, and other signs of wear and tear.

Make sure all the guides are intact and that none of the threads are frayed or broken. Also check the handle for any cracks or chips.

Use The Right Line

Using the wrong type of line on your fishing rod can cause it to break prematurely. Heavier lines should be used on heavier rods and lighter lines should be used on lighter rods. Check with the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommendations on which line to use.

Store Carefully

When storing your fishing rod, make sure it is not placed in an area where it could get bent or kinked. Keep it in a safe place where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity levels.


By following these steps you can help ensure that your fishing rod remains in top condition and lasts longer without breaking. Make sure to inspect your rod regularly for any signs of damage and keep it covered when not in use. Additionally, always use the right type of line and store carefully.

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