How Do You Install Lead Core Fishing Line?

Lead core fishing line is a popular choice for trolling and bottom fishing. It’s heavier than monofilament and braided lines, which makes it perfect for deep-water fishing.

Plus, it’s more abrasion-resistant and has better knot strength. Installing lead core line is simple, but you need to take certain precautions to ensure a successful installation.

Step 1: Get the right gear. You’ll need a spool of lead core line, as well as a fishing rod with an open-face spinning reel. Make sure you get the right size line for your reel; if the line is too thick, it won’t fit properly.

Step 2: Tie the lead core line to the reel. Start by threading the end of the line through one of the guides on your rod and then tie it to the eyelet on your reel with an Arbor knot or Clinch knot. Make sure you loop several times around both loops before cinching down tightly.

Step 3: Wrap the line around the spool. Start at one side of the spool and wrap the line around in a figure-eight pattern until you reach halfway across. Then go back in reverse until you reach your starting point and tie off with another knot.

Step 4: Secure the leader length. At this point, you’ll want to attach a leader length (usually about 12 inches) to your main line so that you can attach lures or hooks without losing any of your main line due to snags or other issues. This can be done in two different ways: either by tying an Albright Knot or by using a swivel.

Step 5: Finally, attach any lure or hook of your choice and you’re ready for fishing!

Installing lead core fishing line is relatively straightforward when done properly, but it does require some knowledge of knots and careful attention to detail. Once installed correctly however, lead core lines offer great durability against abrasions and strong knots that will help hold up against even heavy loads while deep-water fishing.

Installing Lead Core Fishing Line requires some knowledge of knots and careful attention to detail, but once done correctly will provide great durability against abrasions with strong knots that are able to hold up against even heavy loads when deep-water fishing.

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