How Do You Hang Decorations on a Fishing Line?

Hanging decorations from a fishing line is a great way to add a unique twist to any event or space. Whether you’re looking to decorate a patio, wedding reception, or even just your living room, fishing line is an inexpensive and versatile tool that can be used in creative ways. Plus, it’s easy to hang decorations with this method and there are no tools required.

To start, measure the length of the fishing line you’ll need. Make sure it’s long enough to accommodate all of your decorations and give you plenty of slack. You can also use multiple lines if needed.

Next, attach one end of the line to an anchor point such as a nail or screw in the wall. Use clear tape if needed for extra security.

Now it’s time to hang your decorations! If you’re using paper or cloth decorations, use small clips like binder clips or clothespins to attach them securely to the line. For heavier items like ceramic pieces or metal sculptures, use strong hooks that won’t bend under the weight of the item.


  • Make sure all your items are evenly spaced along the line for a professional look.
  • If you don’t have an anchor point on the wall, consider using command hooks or suction cups instead.
  • For longer runs of fishing line, consider tying knots at regular intervals so that your items don’t slide down over time.

Once everything is hung securely on the line, step back and admire your handiwork! Fishing lines are great for displaying decorations in an eye-catching way that will be sure to wow any guests who come into your space.

Hanging decorations on a fishing line is an easy and affordable way to add a unique touch to any room or event. With just some basic supplies and a bit of creativity, you can create beautiful displays that will last for years!


Hanging decorations from a fishing line is quick and easy with minimal supplies required. Measure out the length of fishing line needed and attach it securely at one end before clipping paper/cloth decorations onto it with binder clips/clothespins or hanging heavier items with strong hooks. Make sure all items are evenly spaced along the line for a professional look before admiring your handiwork!

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