How Do You Hang a Fishing Line From the Ceiling?

Hanging a fishing line from the ceiling is a great way to save space and make sure your fishing rod is always ready to go. It also looks great in any room, whether it’s a man cave or the main living area. This guide will show you how to hang a fishing line from the ceiling correctly.

Materials Needed:

  • Fishing rod
  • Ceiling hooks
  • Eye screws
  • Drill with bit for drilling pilot holes.
  • Screwdriver


1. Start by measuring the length of your fishing rod and determine where you’d like to hang it on the ceiling. Make sure there is enough clearance above your head when you’re using the fishing rod.


Once you’ve located where you’d like to hang your fishing rod, use a drill and bit to drill two pilot holes into the ceiling directly above where your fishing rods will be hung.

3. Place two eye screws into each of the pilot holes and tighten them securely.

4. Place two ceiling hooks into each of the eye screws and tighten them securely.

5. Hang your fishing rod onto the ceiling hooks, making sure that it is secure and won’t fall off when you are using it.

Hanging a fishing line from the ceiling is an easy way to save space while still having quick access to your favorite hobby or pastime. With just a few simple tools, materials, and steps, you can easily hang your own fishing line from your ceiling!

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Emma Gibson