How Do You Get the Secret Technique Surf?

Have you ever wondered how to obtain the Secret Technique Surf in Pokémon games? Well, look no further!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to acquire this useful ability that allows your Pokémon to travel across bodies of water. So let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Defeat the Gym Leader

The first step in obtaining the Surf ability is to defeat the Gym Leader of a particular city or town. Each game has different Gym Leaders, so make sure to check which one you need to challenge.

Step 1.1: Train Your Pokémon

Before challenging the Gym Leader, it’s important to train your Pokémon and make sure they are strong enough for battle. Use battles against wild Pokémon and other trainers to level up your team.2: Enter the Gym

Once your Pokémon are ready, head over to the specified city or town and locate the Gym. Gyms are usually large buildings with unique designs that reflect the type of Pokémon used by the Gym Leader.3: Battle Your Way Through

In order to reach the Gym Leader, you’ll need to navigate through a series of puzzles or battles against other trainers in the gym. Pay attention to clues and interact with objects to progress further.4: Defeat the Gym Leader

The final challenge is battling against the Gym Leader themselves! They will have a powerful team of Pokémon that match their chosen type. Use strategy and type advantages to emerge victorious.

Step 2: Receive HM03

After defeating the Gym Leader, they will acknowledge your skill and reward you for your victory. In most Pokémon games, they will give you a badge as proof of your accomplishment. Additionally, they will hand over HM03 – Surf.

Step 2.1: Teach Surf to a Pokémon

Once you have received HM03, open your Pokémon’s move list and find a compatible candidate for learning the Surf technique. Usually, Water-type Pokémon are the most suitable for this ability.2: Use Surf Outside of Battle

Now that you have taught the Surf ability to one of your Pokémon, exit the Gym and head towards a body of water such as an ocean or a lake. Approach the edge of the water and press the action button to use Surf.

Step 3: Begin Surfing!

Congratulations! You now have access to the Secret Technique Surf. With this ability, you can travel across water surfaces in your Pokémon journey.

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Remember to explore new areas and revisit old ones with bodies of water, as you may find hidden items or encounter unique Pokémon species that can only be found while surfing!

In Conclusion

The Secret Technique Surf is an invaluable ability that allows you to explore previously inaccessible areas in your Pokémon adventure. By defeating the Gym Leader and obtaining HM03, teaching it to a compatible Pokémon, and using it near bodies of water, you’ll unlock countless new opportunities!

So gear up and dive into your next aquatic adventure with Surf! Good luck and happy exploring!

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