How Do You Get the Golden Fishing Rod in Calamity Mod?

The Golden Fishing Rod is one of the most sought-after items in the Calamity Mod for Terraria. It is a rare and powerful fishing rod that can be found in a variety of ways, and it is essential to the completion of some of the mod’s hardest challenges.

The first way to obtain the Golden Fishing Rod is by fishing in special ‘Golden Crate’ fishing spots. These are found in the various biomes throughout the world, and they can be identified by their golden color. When you cast your line at one of these spots, there is a chance that you will catch a Golden Crate, which can contain a variety of items, including the Golden Fishing Rod.

The second way to get the Golden Fishing Rod is by completing certain events or quests. The mod includes several unique events that can reward players with this coveted item.

For example, one event requires players to explore an abandoned mine and defeat a powerful enemy in order to earn the rod. Other quests may require players to perform specific tasks or collect certain items before being rewarded with this item.

The third way to obtain this item is from special enemies known as ‘Treasure Slimes.’ These slimes spawn randomly throughout the world, and they drop various items when killed, including a chance at getting the Golden Fishing Rod. However, Treasure Slimes are rare and hard to find, so this method may not be ideal for everyone.

Finally, players can acquire this item through trading with other players or NPCs in-game. Players may encounter NPCs who offer rare items such as this rod as part of their trade deals, or they may be able to purchase it from other players who have managed to find it. Trading has its risks though, as it can be hard to tell if an offer is genuine or not.


The Golden Fishing Rod from Calamity Mod for Terraria can be acquired in several different ways. Players have a chance at finding it while fishing at special ‘Golden Crate’ spots; completing certain events or quests; slaying Treasure Slimes; or trading with other players or NPCs in-game.

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