How Do You Get Scuba Diving in Animal Crossing?

When it comes to the Animal Crossing series, there’s no shortage of activities to take part in. Whether it’s fishing, bug-catching or fossil-hunting, there’s something for everyone.

Players can also now take part in scuba diving in the latest instalment of the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, adding a whole new level of fun and exploration.

To begin scuba diving, the initial task is to successfully finish eight Nook Miles Challenges each day. Nook Miles are earned by accomplishing various tasks such as fishing, crafting furniture, and capturing bugs.

After completing eight Nook Miles Challenges, the player will receive a notification from Tom Nook informing them of a special item available at his shop – typically a Scuba Mask.

Once the player has their Scuba Mask they will need to build up their island’s resources so they can craft a Wet Suit at any DIY workbench. This requires two pieces of seaweed and two pieces of manila clams which can be found while diving in the ocean around your island or purchased from Leif’s Garden shop.

Once both items have been crafted, players can then head out into the ocean around their island to explore its depths! Underwater players can find new sea creatures such as Sea Cucumbers, Sea Grapes and Starfish which are used for crafting furniture and other items.

In summary, players need to complete eight Nook Miles challenges each day in order to receive a Scuba Mask from Tom Nook at his shop. They then need to collect two pieces of seaweed and two pieces of manila clams either by diving or purchasing them from Leif’s Garden Shop before crafting a Wet Suit at any DIY workbench.

After this players are good to go scuba diving around their islands!

Conclusion: Getting scuba diving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great way for players to explore the depths of their islands and find new creatures and items which can be used for crafting furniture or other items. All that is needed is completing eight Nook Miles Challenges each day, collecting seaweed and manila clams, crafting a Wet Suit at any DIY workbench and you’re ready to go exploring!

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