How Do You Get Rid of Memory in Fishing Line?

In order to get rid of memory in fishing line, a few steps need to be taken. Memory is created when the line is kept coiled up for long periods of time or when it is stretched too far and then left for a long period.

The memory created can cause the line to snag or twist, making it difficult to cast properly. To avoid this issue, here are a few tips:

  • Dry the Line: Before storing the line, make sure it has been dried thoroughly to avoid moisture getting trapped in the coils. This helps prevent memory from forming.
  • Rinse and Dry After Use: After every fishing session, rinse and dry the fishing line with soft cloth or paper towel.

    This will help remove any dirt or salt buildup that could lead to memory.

  • Store Properly: When storing the fishing line, make sure it is placed in an area where there is low humidity and no direct sunlight. Avoid coiling up the line as much as possible or store it on a spool if possible.
  • Stretch and Relax: When preparing to fish, stretch out your fishing line and then relax it for a minute before casting. This will help reduce any tension built up in the line which can lead to memory.


Memory in fishing lines can be avoided by following some simple steps such as drying the line before storage, rinsing and drying after use, storing correctly, and stretching out before use. With these tips you can help ensure that your fishing experience is successful without any snags caused by memory in your lines.

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