How Do You Get a New Fishing Rod in Fishing Simulator?

Fishing Simulator offers an exciting and realistic way to experience the joy of fishing. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting started, the game has something for everyone. For those looking to purchase a new rod, Fishing Simulator provides several options for acquiring one.

Buying from the Shop: The first option is to purchase a fishing rod from the Shop in-game. This is the most straightforward way of acquiring a new rod, and it offers several varieties to choose from.

The rods come in different lengths and styles, so you can find one that suits your needs and preferences. You can also purchase additional tackle to complement your rod, such as line and lures.

Crafting: Another option is to craft your own fishing rod in-game. This requires that you have the necessary materials, which can be acquired through various activities such as mining or scavenging.

Once you have the resources, you can use them to craft a customized rod that fits your specifications. Crafting your own fishing rod is an enjoyable experience that allows you to express your creativity while also getting a quality piece of equipment for your next outing.

Trading: If crafting isn’t your thing, then trading with other players might be an option worth considering. Fishing Simulator has a large community of players who are always looking for new items or trades their unwanted items for something better suited for them. Trading is a great way to get the exact type of rod you want without having to spend any money or resources on crafting it yourself.

Events: Finally, Fishing Simulator often holds events where players can win special prizes such as unique rods or other exclusive items. These events are usually announced ahead of time so make sure to keep an eye out on social media and other channels so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities!


Fishing Simulator offers several ways of getting a new fishing rod – whether it’s buying one from the shop, crafting it yourself with resources collected through various activities, trading with other players, or participating in special events where exclusive prizes can be won – there’s something for everyone!

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