How Do You Get a Legendary Fishing Pole in New World?

In the MMORPG New World, the Legendary Fishing Pole is one of the best tools for catching fish. It’s a rare item with powerful stats that can be used to catch legendary fish with ease.

But getting your hands on one is no easy task. Here’s how you can get a Legendary Fishing Pole in New World.

Unlock The Fishing Master Achievement

The first way to get a Legendary Fishing Pole is by unlocking the Fishing Master achievement. This requires you to complete all 8 fishing tiers, which will take some time and dedication. It’s not an easy task, but if you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded with a Legendary Fishing Pole.

Complete The Fisherman’s Quest Chain

The second way to get your hands on a Legendary Fishing Pole is by completing the Fisherman’s Quest Chain. This chain consists of 6 quests that must be completed in order.

Each quest rewards you with items such as bait, lures, and more that will help you catch rare fish and progress through the chain. Once all 6 quests are completed, you’ll receive a Legendary Fishing Pole as your reward.

Purchase From The Marketplace

The third way to get a Legendary Fishing Pole is by purchasing it from the marketplace. You can find these items being sold by other players who have already obtained one or bought it off of the marketplace itself.

While this method is convenient, it can also be expensive depending on who is selling it and what their asking price is.


Getting your hands on a Legendary Fishing Pole in New World isn’t easy, but with dedication and effort you can earn one yourself or purchase it from another player or from the marketplace itself. No matter which method you choose, having a Legendary Fishing Pole will make catching rare fish much easier!

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