How Do You Get a Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing?

Fishing is a popular activity in the world of Animal Crossing. If you want to catch some of the rarest fish available, you’ll need to have a fishing rod.

Fortunately, getting a fishing rod in Animal Crossing is fairly easy.

The first step is to visit Tom Nook’s store, located in the center of your town. Tom Nook runs a shop that sells all sorts of items, including fishing rods.

When you enter the store, talk to Tom Nook and he will offer you a choice between two different types of fishing rods: the regular rod and the silver rod. The regular rod costs 500 bells (the currency used in Animal Crossing) and can be used to catch most common fish, while the silver rod costs 1500 bells and can be used to catch rarer fish.

If you don’t have 500 bells or 1500 bells available at the time, don’t worry – there are other ways to get a fishing rod in Animal Crossing. For example, sometimes villagers may give you their old rods as gifts or even sell them for cheaper than what Tom Nook charges. You may also find rods washed ashore on your beach from time to time (though these are usually only regular rods).

Once you have acquired your fishing rod, it’s time to start catching some fish! To do this, simply equip your rod from your inventory and then walk up close to a body of water (such as a river or pond).

Once you’re close enough, press the “A” button on your controller and then press “Y” when prompted. If done correctly, your character will cast their line out into the water and hopefully catch something!


Getting a fishing rod in Animal Crossing is simple – just head over to Tom Nook’s store and purchase one for either 500 or 1500 bells depending on what type of fish you want to catch. Alternatively, villagers may also give away free rods or sell them at discounted prices.

With your new fishing rod equipped it’s now time to head out onto the rivers and ponds of your town and start catching some fish!

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