How Do You Get a Fishing Pole in Warframe?

Fishing in Warframe is a great way to relax and enjoy some of the game’s beautiful environments, as well as collect various resources and rewards. However, in order to partake in this activity, you need a Fishing Pole. Fortunately, obtaining one of these is relatively straightforward and can be done from either the Market or from certain fishing spots within the game.

If you want to purchase a Fishing Pole from the Market, you’ll need two primary resources: Credits and Fish Oil.

Credits are fairly easy to come by, as they can be acquired through non-combat activities such as trading or opening containers. Fish Oil, however, is a bit more difficult to acquire and requires either catching fish or purchasing them from other players with Platinum (the game’s premium currency). Once you have these two resources at your disposal, head to the Market under “Equipment” and search for “Fishing Poles”. From there you can select the type of pole that best suits your needs (there are four different types) and purchase it with your Credits and Fish Oil.

Fishing Poles can also be found at certain fishing spots throughout Warframe’s various locations. These spots will usually appear as glowing orbs on the map (though some may require some exploration to find) and require you to catch five fish in order for the pole to spawn. The type of pole that spawns will depend on the type of fish being caught; for example, if you’re catching Tusk Thumpers then a Tusk Thumpers Fishing Pole will spawn. Keep in mind that while these poles are free they can only be used once – once used up they will disappear.

Getting a Fishing Pole in Warframe is an easy task that anyone can do with a bit of patience. Whether you choose to buy one from the Market or collect one from a fishing spot, both options offer great rewards that make fishing an enjoyable pastime in Warframe.


In conclusion, getting a Fishing Pole in Warframe is fairly straightforward: players can purchase one from the Market using Credits and Fish Oil or collect one from certain fishing spots within the game. Both methods offer great rewards that make Warframe’s fishing activity an enjoyable experience overall.

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