How Do You Get a Fishing Pole in Soul Knight?

Soul Knight is an incredibly popular game in which players must fight their way through dungeons and enemies to save the world. One of the most important tools available to players is the fishing pole, which can be used to catch fish.

The fishing pole can also be used to find hidden items and secrets in the game. However, many players are unsure of how to acquire a fishing pole in Soul Knight.

The First Step
The first step in obtaining a fishing pole in Soul Knight is to reach level 10. Once you reach this milestone, a new character will appear: the Fisherman.

He will offer you the chance to purchase a fishing pole for 500 coins. If you do not have enough coins, don’t worry โ€“ the Fisherman will also offer alternative ways for you to obtain a fishing pole, such as completing certain quests or tasks.

Upgrading Your Fishing Pole
Once you have obtained your fishing pole, you may want to upgrade it by collecting more coins or completing more tasks. You can upgrade your fishing pole by speaking with the Fisherman again and purchasing upgrades such as “Lure” and “Reel”. These upgrades will make your fishing experience much easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, once you have upgraded your fishing pole, it can be used in various other ways throughout the game such as unlocking secret areas or even finding rare items!

Other Ways To Obtain A Fishing Pole
In addition to purchasing one from the Fisherman, there are other ways of obtaining a fishing pole in Soul Knight. For example, if you are lucky enough to come across a treasure chest while exploring dungeons or caves then there is a chance that it could contain a fishing rod – although this is rare! Additionally, some of the NPCs (Non-player Characters) may also offer quests that reward players with a fishing rod upon completion โ€“ so make sure to keep an eye out for these!

In conclusion, obtaining a fishing rod in Soul Knight is relatively straightforward but requires some effort on behalf of the player – either through collecting coins or completing certain tasks/quests. Once acquired, players should upgrade their rods whenever possible in order to maximize their chances of catching rare fish or even unlocking secret areas!

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