How Do You Get a Fishing Pole in Harvest Moon One World?

Harvest Moon One World is a popular farming and life simulation video game. The game allows players to build their own farm, explore the world, and interact with other characters.

One of the main activities for players to participate in is fishing. Fishing can be a great way to relax, earn money, and obtain new items.

Getting a fishing pole in Harvest Moon One World is pretty straightforward. Players can purchase a pole from any of the local shops in the game. Prices vary depending on the type of pole and its features but they usually range from 1,000 to 5,000 G.

Players can also find fishing poles while exploring the world. There are several areas that contain secret fishing spots where rare items can be found.

These spots are usually hidden away and require some exploration before they can be accessed. Fishing poles are often hidden inside crates or barrels and will require players to use their hoe or hammer to break them open.

Finally, players can also find fishing poles by completing certain quests or participating in events throughout the game. These quests will often reward players with unique items such as rods or bait in addition to other rewards like money or experience points.


Getting a fishing pole in Harvest Moon One World is fairly easy. Players can purchase one from any of the local shops, find them while exploring secret fishing spots, or complete certain quests or events for rewards that include rods and bait. With a little bit of effort, anyone should be able to obtain a fishing pole in no time!

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