How Do You Fix Fishing Line?

Fishing line is an important part of any fishing tackle set. It’s what allows the angler to get their bait and lures to the fish and hold on to them when they bite.

Unfortunately, fishing line can become frayed, tangled, and damaged over time. But don’t worry; there are ways to fix your fishing line so that it can be used again.

Line Cleaners

Line cleaners are a fast and easy way to fix your fishing line. They are small devices that you attach to the end of your line.

When you turn them on, they spin and clean off any dirt and debris that has accumulated on your line. Line cleaners are a great way to remove any dirt or debris from your line without having to take it off of your reel.


If you have a small tear or break in your fishing line, you can use a knot to fix it. The best knot for this purpose is the Palomar knot.

It’s simple to tie and provides excellent strength in both wet and dry conditions. To tie this knot, simply thread the end of the broken section through the loop twice before pulling tight.

Line Crimpers

If you have a larger tear or break in your fishing line, you may need to use a line crimper. This tool is used to crimp down two pieces of fishing line together so that they form one solid piece again. Line crimpers are easy to use but require some practice in order for them to be effective.


Fishing lines can become frayed, tangled or damaged but there are several ways how you can fix them quickly and easily – using Line Cleaners, Knots or Line Crimpers depending on the severity of damage caused by wear and tear over time. With these tools at hand, anglers can easily ensure their fishing lines last longer for future trips!

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