How Do You Fix a Fishing Rod Grip?

Fishing rod grips are essential components of a fishing rod, as they provide comfort and control when casting and retrieving. Over time, however, these grips can become worn down or damaged due to regular use.

If your fishing rod grip is starting to look worse for wear, don’t worry! There are several simple fixes that you can do yourself at home.

Replacing the Grip

The easiest way to fix a worn down or damaged fishing rod grip is to simply replace it with a new one. This can be done by unscrewing the reel seat from the rod and then removing the old grip from the handle.

Once you have removed the old grip, you can measure the new one against it to make sure it fits correctly before installing it on the handle. You should also make sure that you use a suitable adhesive such as epoxy or PVC glue to ensure that your new grip stays in place for years to come.

Refinishing the Grip

If your fishing rod grip isn’t too badly damaged, you might be able to refinish it instead of replacing it altogether. All you need to do is remove any dirt and debris from the surface of the grip using a soft cloth and mild soap and water.

Once this is done, you can apply a coat of varnish or other sealant like polyurethane over the surface of the grip. This will help protect it from further wear and tear while also restoring its original colour and shine.


If your fishing rod grip has become worn out or frayed over time, you might want to consider re-wrapping it with some new material. To do this, simply remove any existing material from around the handle before wrapping some fresh material tightly around it in an overlapping pattern.

You can use a wide variety of materials for this including cord, leather strips or even nylon webbing depending on your preference. Be sure to secure each end with glue or tape so that your re-wrap stays in place for years to come!


Fishing rod grips are essential components of any fishing rod and need regular maintenance in order to keep them working properly. Replacing them entirely is usually the easiest fix but if they’re not too badly damaged then refinishing them or re-wrapping them with fresh material are both great alternatives too! With just a few simple steps, you can easily restore your old fishing rod grips back into top condition again!

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