How Do You Double Rig a Fishing Pole?

One of the most popular forms of fishing is the double rig. This type of fishing requires two poles, with two separate lines and two separate lures.

The double rig works by having both poles set up identically, with each rod being placed in different sections of the water. The lures are used to draw in fish from both rods at the same time, increasing chances of catching more fish.

To double rig a fishing pole, first tie one end of each line to a lure, such as a spinner bait or crank bait. Attach the other end to a leader line that is much longer than either rod’s line. This leader should be tied to the eyelet at the bottom of your reel at one end and then tied off to a swivel at the other end.

Next, attach a weight to your leader line that is heavy enough to keep it from dragging on the bottom and spooking fish but light enough so that it can be cast out far enough for you to reach your desired spot. You may also want to attach a float or bobber above this weight so you can see when you have caught something or if you have any bites.

Once all these components are in place, tie each rod’s line onto the leader line around 8-12 inches apart from each other depending on how deep you want your lures set up in the water column. Make sure that all knots are tied properly and securely before casting out your lines.

Conclusion: With some practice and patience, learning how to double rig can be an easy and rewarding experience for any angler looking for an effective way to catch more fish. By properly setting up a double rig system with two rods and two lures set up in different sections of the water column, anglers can increase their chances of catching more fish.

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