How Do You Do the Fly Fishing Bow and Arrow Cast?

Fly fishing is an incredibly rewarding sport, but it requires a significant amount of skill and practice to become proficient. One of the most challenging techniques to master is the fly fishing bow and arrow cast. Before attempting this cast, you should be comfortable with your basic casting abilities and have a good understanding of the mechanics of fly casting.

The bow and arrow cast is best done by using a weighted line. This will allow you to use the weight of the line to help propel your fly forward.

It also helps to keep your line in the water longer than when using a regular cast, which can improve accuracy. Start by making a standard overhead cast with your rod tip pointed at the water.

Once you’ve made the initial cast, lower your rod tip and use your left hand to hold onto it near the handle. Now move your right hand along the line at about chest level and grip it tightly with all five fingers. Begin moving this hand forward in an arc, as if drawing a bowstring back.

At about full draw, release your grip on the line with your left hand and move it slightly behind you while still keeping control of the rod tip. At this point, snap forward with your right arm while releasing pressure on the line with your left arm. This will create tension in the line that will help propel your fly forward.

It may take several attempts before you get used to this motion and get comfortable enough to execute it accurately and consistently. As you practice more, you’ll be able to make longer casts with greater accuracy.


The fly fishing bow and arrow cast can be difficult to master, but can be incredibly rewarding once done correctly. With patience and practice, anyone can learn how to do this unique technique and improve their overall fly fishing game.

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