How Do You Dispose of Old Fishing Line?

Fishing line is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can also be difficult to dispose of properly. There are several ways to dispose of old fishing line that help protect the environment and the wildlife that inhabit it.

The most important thing to do when disposing of old fishing line is to make sure it is cut into small pieces so it does not become tangled or entangle wildlife. Many fishing stores and facilities offer special disposal receptacles specifically for old fishing line.

This is a great option as it keeps the lines from ending up in rivers, lakes, or on beaches where they could harm fish or other wildlife.

If your local fishing store or facility doesn’t have a receptacle for old fishing line, you can always take your lines home and discard them in an outdoor trash can. Make sure you securely tie the ends of each line before throwing them away so they don’t tangle with other items in the trash can.

Another option is to recycle your old fishing lines at a local recycling center. Fishing lines are made from nylon and other synthetic materials which can be recycled into new products such as clothing or carpets. Contact your local recycling center for more information on how to properly recycle your used fishing lines.


When disposing of old fishing line, the most important thing is to make sure you cut it into small pieces first so that it does not entangle wildlife. You can dispose of used lines at special receptacles provided by local stores and facilities, in an outdoor trash can securely tied up, or recycled at a local recycling center. By disposing of used lines responsibly you are helping protect our environment and its inhabitants!

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