How Do You Display a Fishing Pole on the Wall?

Fishing poles are often a treasured item, used to catch fish and make memories. Displaying your fishing pole on the wall can help you remember those special times and show off your favorite fishing rod.

There are several ways to display a fishing pole on the wall, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Mounting It On the Wall

The most common way to mount a fishing pole on the wall is to use screws or nails directly into the rod itself. This method works best for rods with wooden handles, as metal handles may be too thick for screws or nails.

You’ll need two or three screws depending on the weight of the rod, and will need to make sure it is mounted securely so it doesn’t fall off of the wall.

Hanging It From a Rack

Another option for displaying your fishing pole is to hang it from a rack or shelf. This allows you to show off all of your rods at once and gives you more flexibility in terms of where you can display them.

You can find racks designed specifically for this purpose, or you can build your own using wood or metal. When hanging a fishing pole from a rack, be sure to use supporting straps so that it won’t slip off.

Using Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are another great option for displaying your fishing poles as they don’t require any hardware or tools to install. Simply hang a hook in an appropriate spot on your wall and then carefully hang your rod from it by its handle. Be sure that the hook is strong enough to support the weight of the rod and that there’s enough space between it and any other items that may be hanging nearby.


No matter which method you choose, displaying a fishing pole on the wall can be both decorative and practical. Whether you opt for mounting it directly onto the wall, hanging it from a rack, or using wall hooks, each option has its advantages depending on what suits your needs best.

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