How Do You Catch Trout in Big Bear Lake?

Big Bear Lake is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts who are looking to catch some trout. Trout fishing in Big Bear Lake can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires some knowledge of the lake and the habits of the fish. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques for catching trout in Big Bear Lake.

Understanding the Habitat of Trout in Big Bear Lake

Trout are known to inhabit the deeper waters of Big Bear Lake during the hot summer months. They are also found in areas with a good amount of cover such as rocks, logs, and weed beds. It is important to note that trout are sensitive to changes in water temperature, so they tend to move towards cooler waters during warmer seasons.

Choosing Your Bait and Tackle

When it comes to bait, live bait such as worms or crickets can be effective. However, artificial lures such as spinners, jigs, or spoons can also work well. It is recommended that you use light tackle with a 4-6 lb test line for catching trout.

Fishing Techniques

One effective technique for catching trout in Big Bear Lake is trolling. This involves slowly dragging your bait or lure behind a boat while moving at a steady pace. Another technique is casting near weed beds or submerged logs where trout tend to hide.

Tips for Catching More Trout

– Pay attention to water temperature: Trout prefer cooler waters so try fishing early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are lower. – Change up your bait: If one type of bait isn’t working, try switching to another type until you find what works best.

– Use light tackle: Trout have a keen sense of sight and can easily detect heavier lines which may spook them. – Be patient: It may take some time before you catch a trout, so be patient and try different locations and techniques.


Catching trout in Big Bear Lake can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires some knowledge of the fish’s habitat and habits. By understanding these factors and using the right bait, tackle, and techniques, you can increase your chances of catching more trout.

Remember to be patient and persistent, as fishing can sometimes require a bit of trial and error. Happy fishing!

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