How Do You Carry a Fishing Rod in a Small Car?

Fishing can be a great activity providing many hours of outdoor recreation and relaxation. But if you have a small car, it can be difficult to transport your fishing rod. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions that can help you carry your fishing rod in a small car without taking up too much space.

Use Rod Holders

One way to carry your fishing rod in a small car without taking up too much space is to use a rod holder. Rod holders are designed to securely hold your rods while keeping them out of the way. Most rod holders are designed with adjustable straps that can fit any size of fishing rod and some even come with straps that will fit around the headrests of the car seat so they won’t move while you’re driving.

Put It in the Trunk

If you don’t have a rod holder, then you can put the fishing rod in the trunk of the car. However, this will take up more space than using a rod holder.

To make sure that the fishing rods don’t move around too much, use bungee cords or rope to tie them down. Make sure to check the trunk regularly for any damage or wear and tear.

Use an Overhead Rack

Another option is to install an overhead rack on your vehicle’s roof. This rack will allow you to store your fishing rods securely on top of your vehicle without taking up too much space inside. Overhead racks come in different shapes and sizes so make sure to get one that fits your vehicle correctly.


Carrying a fishing rod in a small car doesn’t have to be difficult if you use one of these simple solutions: using a rod holder, putting it in the trunk, or installing an overhead rack on the roof. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it fits properly and is secure enough so that it won’t move around while driving.

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