How Do You Build a Wall Rack for a Fishing Rod?

Building a wall rack for your fishing rod is a great way to keep your rods organized and safely stored away. It also allows you to add some style to your home or fishing cabin.

A wall rack is easy to make and can be customized to fit any size rod. Hereโ€™s what you need and how to do it.


  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Plywood
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Ruler and Pencil

Step 1: Measuring and Marking the Plywood.

Measure the length of the rods that will be stored in the rack. Take into account the length of the handle, if itโ€™s removable, as well as any other accessories that may need to be stored with it. Once you have your measurements, mark where each rod will go on the plywood using a ruler and pencil.

Step 2: Drilling Holes.

Once all of your marks are made, drill holes into the plywood where you made your marks. Make sure they are large enough for the bolts to fit through but small enough that they wonโ€™t slip off easily.

Step 3: Assembling the Rack.

Now itโ€™s time to assemble the rack. Insert a bolt through each hole from the front side of the plywood and secure them with a nut on each side.

Place a washer between each nut to ensure a secure fit. The washers should be larger than the nuts so they provide stability when pressure is applied.

Step 4: Attaching it to the Wall .

< p > Finally, use screws with wall anchors or toggle bolts depending on what type of walls you have in order attach it securely to the wall . Make sure that every screw is tightly secured before hanging any rods on it .


< p > By following these steps , you can easily build a sturdy and stylish wall rack for storing your fishing rods . With some basic materials and tools , anyone can create their own customized fishing rod rack in no time !

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