How Do You Build a Fishing Pole Holder?

Building a fishing pole holder allows fishermen to store their poles and other gear safely and securely. It also provides a convenient way to transport poles from one fishing spot to another. With a few basic tools and supplies, anyone can build their own fishing pole holder in just a few easy steps.

Step 1:

Start by gathering the supplies you will need to build the holder. You will need a length of PVC pipe, some PVC connectors, a drill, screws, and some wood for the base. Depending on your specific needs, you may also need some additional pieces such as end caps or elbows for the pipe.

Step 2:

Using your drill, make two holes in the wood base that are big enough for the PVC pipe to fit through. Make sure they are at least 6 inches apart so that there is room for multiple poles.

Step 3:

Attach the PVC pieces together according to your design. This might involve adding elbows or other pieces depending on how you want your holder to look.

Once all of the pieces are connected, insert them into the holes in the base.

Step 4:

Securely fasten the pipes in place with screws or other fasteners. Make sure everything is tight and secure so that it won’t come apart during transport or use.

Step 5:

Once everything is secured in place, you can add any additional features such as hooks for lures or compartments for tackle boxes if desired.



Building a fishing pole holder is an easy DIY project that requires minimal tools and supplies. With just a few steps, anyone can create their own unique holder that suits their specific needs.

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