How Do You Avoid Cape Cod Traffic?

If you’re planning to visit Cape Cod, chances are you’re already dreading the traffic that comes with it. But fear not, there are a few ways to avoid the notorious Cape Cod traffic and make your trip more enjoyable.

Plan your travel time carefully

One of the best ways to avoid traffic is to travel during off-peak hours. Avoid traveling during rush hour or weekends when everyone else is trying to get to the Cape. If possible, plan your trip for a weekday or try leaving early in the morning.

Take an alternate route

Another way to avoid Cape Cod traffic is by taking an alternate route. Instead of taking Route 6, try taking Route 28 or Route 25. These routes may take longer but can be less congested and more scenic.

Use public transportation

If you don’t want to deal with driving in traffic altogether, consider using public transportation. The CapeFLYER train runs from Boston to Hyannis on weekends during the summer months and can be a relaxing and stress-free way to get to the Cape.

Be flexible with your plans

If you’re willing to be flexible with your plans, consider traveling in the shoulder season (late spring or early fall) when there are fewer crowds and less traffic on the roads.

Plan ahead for parking

Once you arrive on Cape Cod, parking can also be a challenge during peak season. To avoid spending time circling around looking for parking spots, plan ahead by researching parking options beforehand or consider using a shuttle service from your lodging.

In Conclusion

Cape Cod traffic can be frustrating but with some careful planning and flexibility, you can avoid it altogether. Whether it’s traveling during off-peak hours or taking an alternate route, there are various ways to make your trip to Cape Cod more enjoyable and stress-free.

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