How Do You Attach Swivels to a Fishing Line?

Attaching a swivel to your fishing line is an important task that requires some practice and technique. Swivels are used to connect the main line to your leader, preventing the main line from twisting and tangling.

They also help keep your line from breaking due to the wear and tear of being pulled through water or against rocks. Knowing how to attach a swivel is essential for any angler, especially those who fish in areas with strong currents or rocky surfaces.

The first step in attaching a swivel is to tie an appropriate knot in the end of your main fishing line. This knot should be strong enough to hold up against the tension of a potential fish strike or snag.

A popular knot for this purpose is the uni-knot, which can be tied with just one hand even when wearing gloves. Once you have tied an appropriate knot in the end of your main fishing line, slide the swivel onto it and make sure it’s securely in place.

The next step is to create a loop in your leader material that will fit over the loop on the swivel. You can do this by tying an overhand knot on one end of your leader material and then pulling it tight until it forms a small loop. Make sure that this loop is small enough so that it will fit over the eyelet on the swivel without slipping off.

Once you have created your looped leader, slide it over the eyelet on the swivel and pull it tight so that it’s secure around the eyelet. To finish off, tie another uni-knot at this point, making sure both knots are secure before you add any bait or lure.


Attaching a swivel to your fishing line requires some practice and technique but once you get used to it, you’ll find that it’s not as difficult as many anglers think.

Start by tying an appropriate knot in your main fishing line followed by creating a looped leader which can be slid onto the eyelet of your swivel before finally securing everything with another uni-knot. With these steps, you’ll be sure to attach a secure and reliable connection between two lines every time!

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