How Do You Attach Bullet Weights to a Fishing Line?

Attaching bullet weights to a fishing line is an important part of the fishing process. It helps to cast the line farther and make it easier to get the bait in the water.

The key is to know how to attach them properly and securely, so they stay attached while you’re fishing.

The most common type of bullet weight is a split shot sinker. This type of weight is typically made of lead and has two open ends, allowing you to slide it onto the fishing line easily.

To attach it, simply place the open end of the weight on the line and gently squeeze the two ends together with pliers or your fingers until it’s secure.

Another type of bullet weight is a slip sinker. This type has one open end that slides onto the line, with a metal loop on one side that snaps closed when pushed down onto the line.

To use this type, put it on your line so that the loop side is facing up, then push down on the loop until it snaps shut.

In-Line Weights

In-line weights are also available for use on fishing lines. These weights are shaped like small cylinders and have hooks at each end.

To attach them, first thread your line through one end and then wrap it around both hooks before pulling tight. The friction between the two hooks will keep them securely in place.


Attaching bullet weights to a fishing line can be done easily with split shot sinkers, slip sinkers, or in-line weights. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure that your weights stay secure during your next fishing trip.

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