How Do You Attach a Pencil Float to a Fishing Line?

Using a pencil float is a great way to get more bites on your fishing line. But, how do you attach one? It may seem complicated, but itโ€™s actually quite easy once you know the steps.

Step One: Gather your supplies. You will need a pencil float, a swivel, some split shot weights, and some fishing line. You may also want to have some scissors or clippers handy.

Step Two: Cut the line to the right length. The length of the line should be twice as long as the depth of the water that you are fishing in.

Step Three: Attach the swivel to one end of the line. This will help keep your line from getting tangled when casting and retrieving your bait.

Step Four: Attach the split shot weights to the other end of the line. The number and size of weights that you use will depend on how deep you are fishing and how much weight is needed for your set up.

Step Five: Attach the pencil float to the middle of your line using two overhand knots. Make sure that there is enough slack in order for your bait to be able to move freely beneath it when casting and retrieving your bait.

Conclusion: Attaching a pencil float to your fishing line is easy once you know how! Gather all of your supplies and follow these steps – cut the line to length, attach a swivel, attach split shot weights, and finally attach your pencil float using two overhand knots – and youโ€™ll be ready for a successful fishing trip!

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