How Do You Attach a GoPro to a Kayak?

Kayaking is an exciting adventure sport that allows you to experience the beauty of nature up close. With advancements in technology, capturing these moments has become easier than ever before.

One such device that has revolutionized the way we capture our outdoor experiences is the GoPro camera. These small, waterproof cameras can be attached to various surfaces and capture high-quality footage. In this article, we will discuss how you can attach a GoPro to your kayak.

Step 1: Choose the Mounting Location

The first step in attaching a GoPro to your kayak is choosing the mounting location. The ideal location would be on top of your kayak where it has an unobstructed view of what’s ahead. You can mount it on the front or back of your kayak using adhesive mounts or suction cups.

Step 2: Clean the Surface

Once you’ve chosen the mounting location, clean the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. This will ensure that the adhesive mount or suction cup sticks firmly to your kayak.

Step 3: Attach the Mount

If you’re using an adhesive mount, remove the protective backing and place it firmly on the cleaned surface of your kayak. Press down on all edges and hold it in place for a few seconds to ensure that it sticks properly.

If you’re using a suction cup mount, wet the rubber base with water and press it firmly onto the cleaned surface of your kayak. Once it’s in place, twist the lever clockwise until it’s tight and secure.

Step 4: Attach Your GoPro Camera

Once your mount is securely in place, attach your GoPro camera by sliding it into place on top of the mount until it clicks into position.

Step 5: Adjust Your Camera Angle

To get the best footage possible, adjust your camera angle by tilting it up or down. This will help you capture the perfect shot of your kayaking adventure.

Step 6: Test Your Camera

Before you hit the water, test your camera to make sure it’s securely attached and working properly. Turn on your GoPro and check the viewfinder to ensure that you’re capturing the footage you want.


Attaching a GoPro to your kayak is a simple process that can enhance your kayaking experience. By following these steps, you can capture stunning footage of your adventures on the water. Remember to always check that your camera is securely attached before hitting the water and have fun capturing those epic moments!

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