How Do You Attach a Bell to a Fishing Pole?

Having a bell attached to your fishing pole is a great way to ensure that you never miss a bite, even if you’re not able to watch your line the entire time. It can also help alert fellow anglers in the area that you have a bite, so they don’t cast into your line inadvertently. Fortunately, attaching bells to fishing rods is easy and can be done in minutes.

The first step in attaching a bell to your fishing pole is to choose the right bell for the job. You’ll want one that is loud enough that you can hear it from a distance but not so loud that it will scare away any fish in the area.

If you are fishing in an area with other anglers, make sure to get one that won’t annoy them. Most bells attach easily with a small screwdriver or allen wrench.

Once you have selected and purchased your bell, it is time to attach it to your rod. Begin by removing any old bells or weights from the rod that may be obstructing the bell attachment point.

If necessary, use a wire brush or sandpaper to clean the attachment point on the rod so it is free of rust and debris. Then, take the bell and attach it using either screws or self-tapping screws.

Tighten Securely: When tightening down the screws on your bell attachment point, make sure they are tight enough that they won’t come loose but not too tight as this could damage the rod or make it difficult for you to remove in future. When you’re finished tightening down all of the screws, give them one last check before moving on.

Test The Bell: Once you have finished attaching your bell, give it a few test runs by jiggling and jerking your rod back and forth gently.

This will help ensure that everything is secure and working properly before heading out on your next angling adventure.

Attaching a bell to your fishing pole is an easy way to increase your chances of catching more fish without having to constantly watch your line. With just a few simple steps and some basic tools, anyone can easily attach their own bells and enjoy successful fishing trips for years to come!


Attaching a bell onto your fishing pole doesn’t have to be complicated; with just some basic tools and supplies, anyone can do this simple task in minutes! Start off by choosing an appropriate bell for the job; then clean off any debris from where you’ll be attaching it before securing it tightly with either screws or self-tapping screws. Finally, test out how well everything works before heading out on an angling adventure!

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