How Do Left Handers Hold a Fishing Rod?

Fishing is a common hobby, and while it’s not difficult to learn how to hold a fishing rod, it can be more tricky for left-handers. This is because the majority of rods are designed for right-handed people, which means that those who are left-handed need to adopt a different technique.

The most important thing for left-handers to remember when holding a fishing rod is to make sure that the reel is mounted on the left side of the rod. This means that when they are standing with their feet shoulder width apart, the reel will be in their left hand and their right hand will be on top of the rod. The reason for this is that when you cast out into the water, you want your arm and elbow to move in the same direction as your wrist so that you have full control over your cast.

It’s also important for left-handers to remember to keep their arms straight when they are casting as this will help them maintain control over their line and ensure that they don’t make any sudden jerking movements which can cause them to lose accuracy. Additionally, it’s important that they use their wrists more than their arms when casting as this helps them gain more power behind each cast.

When fighting with a fish, it’s important for left-handers to remember that they should keep their right hand still while using their left hand to wind in or reel out line as needed. This helps them maintain control over their line and prevents them from losing any fish they may have hooked on. Additionally, it also helps them remain balanced and not lose any ground during the fight.

Finally, it is important for left-handers to remember that there are special rods designed specifically for them which can be easier and more comfortable to use than regular rods designed for right-handers. These rods usually have a reversed handle which makes it easier for left-handers to grip and cast with accuracy and comfort.


In conclusion, learning how do left handers hold a fishing rod requires some practice but can be done with ease once mastered. It’s important for lefties to remember that they should mount the reel on the left side of the rod; keep arms straight while casting; use wrists instead of arms; keep right hand still while fighting with fish; and invest in specialized rods if possible.

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