How Do I Use a Rod Stand in Fishing Planet?

Using a rod stand in Fishing Planet is an essential part of angling success. A good rod stand can make all the difference in your ability to bring in bigger and better catches.

It allows you to keep your rod upright, making it easier to cast and retrieve your line. Additionally, a rod stand can provide a secure base for your tackle box, as well as other accessories you may need while fishing. Here are some tips on how to use a rod stand in Fishing Planet.

Set Up the Stand

The first step is to set up the stand. If it’s a tripod-style stand, then make sure that all three legs are firmly planted into the ground and that the pole holder is securely fastened.

If it’s a two-legged stand, then make sure that both legs are firmly secured into the ground and that they’re not going anywhere. Once you’ve got this done, then you can start adding your equipment.

Attach Your Rod

Once you’ve got the stand set up, you can attach your rod. Depending on the type of rod holder you have, there are usually slots or clamps for attaching your rods at various angles. This allows for greater control when casting and retrieving your line.

Add Accessories

You can also add other accessories such as tackle boxes or bait buckets to the rod stand as well. This allows for easy access to both while keeping them secure and out of harm’s way.


A good quality rod stand is an essential tool for any serious angler on Fishing Planet.

It provides stability and security for both rods and tackle boxes while allowing anglers greater control over their casts and retrieves. With these simple steps, anyone can set up their own rod stand and start catching bigger fish!

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