How Do I Put New Line on a Fishing Reel?

Putting new line on a fishing reel is an essential part of fishing and keeping your gear in good condition. It ensures you have a reliable line and a good working reel that won’t let you down when the fish are biting. It’s also important to use the right type of line for the conditions you’re fishing in, as different types of line are suitable for different weather conditions, depths and types of fish.

It’s relatively simple to put new line on a fishing reel once you know how. The first step is to take off the old line, which can be done by either cutting it off or by pulling it through the eyelets on the spool. Once this is done, you need to attach the new line to the spool.

This can be done by tying a knot around one end of your spool, or by using an arbor knot. Make sure that your knot is secure and tight before continuing.

Once your knot is secure, you need to thread the new line onto your spool. Start at the opposite end from where your knot is tied and wind it around in a figure-eight pattern until it reaches the top of your spool.

Make sure there are no kinks in your line as this may cause knots or tangles when reeling in fish. When all of your new line has been wound onto your spool, tie another knot at its end.

To finish off, cut off any excess string from both knots and check that all lines are taut and evenly distributed across your spool. Once everything looks good, close up any covers on your reel if necessary and make sure to test out how smoothly it works before heading out for a day of fishing.

In conclusion, putting new line on a fishing reel is an important part of keeping your gear in good condition. By following these steps – removing old line; attaching new line; winding it onto the spool; tying knots at each end; trimming any excess string; checking tension – you can ensure that you have reliable tackle for whatever conditions you’re fishing in.

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