How Do I Order a Fishing Pole?

How Do I Order a Fishing Pole?

Fishing is a great pastime for both seasoned anglers and weekend hobbyists alike. In order to make sure you have the best experience possible, it is important to know how to properly select and order a fishing pole.

First, decide what kind of fishing you will be doing. Different types of poles are used for different types of fishing.

Freshwater poles are usually lighter and shorter than their saltwater counterparts. Saltwater poles are usually heavier and longer in order to be able to handle larger fish and handle the stronger currents found in saltwater environments.

Next, decide on what type of rod action you will need. Rod action determines how the pole bends when pressure is placed upon it.

Fast action rods bend only at the tip, medium action rods bend in the middle, and slow action rods bend from tip to butt. Your choice should depend upon the type of lure or bait you will be using as well as your own personal preference.

Last, consider your budget when ordering your fishing pole. Prices can range from very inexpensive models up to hundreds of dollars for professional grade equipment. Most entry level fishermen should expect to pay between $30 and $100 for a quality pole that will last them many years with proper care and maintenance.

Once you have decided on all these factors, you can go ahead and order the right pole for your needs online or at your local sporting goods store or tackle shop. Make sure to read product reviews before making any purchase to ensure that you get the best value for your money possible!


Ordering a fishing pole can seem intimidating at first but with a little bit of research beforehand it doesn’t have to be! Knowing what type of fishing you will be doing as well as what rod action is best suited for your lures or bait is key when selecting a pole that meets both your budget and needs. Once these factors have been determined, ordering a quality pole online or from your local sporting goods store becomes an easy task!

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