How Do I Make a Fishing Rod in Unturned?

Making a fishing rod in Unturned is an important part of the game that not all players are aware of. It’s a great way to get food and other resources without having to scavenge or fight other players. It requires a few items, but once you have them, it’s fairly easy to make.

The first thing you’ll need for making a fishing rod in Unturned is a stick. You can find these lying around in the environment, or you can chop down trees to get one.

You’ll also need some string, which can be found in various locations such as abandoned buildings, or crafted by combining cloth and twine. Finally, you’ll need some bait; this can either be found in the environment or crafted by combining fish meat with berries.

Once you have all the necessary items, it’s time to craft your fishing rod. Open up your inventory and select the crafting tab.

Select “fishing rod” from the list of recipes, then add your stick, string and bait into the crafting grid. Once all three items are in place, click Craft and you will have created your very own fishing rod!

Now that you’ve made your fishing rod, it’s time to use it! Head out into any body of water and equip your newly-crafted item.

Then cast it out into the water by pressing the left mouse button (or whatever button is assigned for casting). When a fish bites onto your line, press the right mouse button (or whatever button is assigned for reeling) to pull it in!


Making a fishing rod in Unturned is not difficult once you know what items are required and how to craft them together. With just a stick, string and bait you can create your very own fishing rod that will help provide food and resources! So grab some supplies and get ready to make yours today.

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