How Do I Level My Artifact Fishing Pole?

Fishing is one of the most beloved pastimes worldwide, and having the right gear is essential to having a successful fishing trip. An artifact fishing pole is an important tool for those looking to catch larger, more valuable fish.

However, leveling up your fishing pole can be a tricky process. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Upgrade The Fishing Line. One of the most important factors in leveling up your artifact fishing pole is upgrading the line. A stronger line allows for more powerful casts and better accuracy when fishing for larger fish. Make sure to replace the existing line with a heavier-duty option that suits both your needs and budget.

Check For Wear And Tear. Beyond the line itself, it’s important to check the other parts of your fishing pole for signs of wear and tear. Check the guides, reels, and handles for any damage or signs of deterioration. Replace any components that are not up to par with quality replacements.

Improve Your Skill Level. Leveling up your artifact fishing pole also means increasing your own skill level as a fisherman. Take some time to practice casting and reeling in different types of fish. Learn their habits and how best to Target them when out on the water.

Get The Right Bait. Having the right bait can make or break a successful fishing trip. Invest in high-quality bait that will attract larger fish in order to increase your chances of catching them with your upgraded artifact fishing pole.


Leveling up an artifact fishing pole requires upgrading the line, checking for wear and tear, improving one’s skill level as a fisherman, and getting the right bait. With these tips in mind, you can have an easier time levelling up your artifact fishing pole so you can have more success out on the water!

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