How Do I Get Rid of Fishing Line?

Fishing line is an essential tool for all fishermen, but it can be a nuisance when it accumulates and becomes tangled. Fishing line can be dangerous to wildlife if not removed properly, so it is important to know how to get rid of it safely and responsibly.

The best way to get rid of fishing line is to cut it into small pieces and dispose of it in a trash can. If fishing on a boat, you should wrap the cut pieces in paper or put them in a sealed container before throwing them overboard.

This will help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean.

If you are unable to dispose of the fishing line right away, you should store it in a sealed container and take it home with you when you are done fishing. You can also bring along a pair of scissors or wire cutters to help make cutting and disposing of the line easier.

It is important to remember that any discarded fishing line should never be left on shorelines or beaches. Leaving behind discarded fishing line can create hazards for wildlife, as birds and other animals can become entangled in the line and become injured or killed.

Recycling Fishing Line

As an alternative to disposal, many companies now offer recycling programs for used fishing lines. These programs will take old lines and recycle them into new products such as tackle boxes, clothing, hats and other items.


Getting rid of fishing line is an important part of being a responsible fisherman. The best way is to cut the line into small pieces and dispose of it in a trash can or recycle it with an approved recycling program. By taking the time to properly discard or recycle your used fishing lines, you will help keep our waterways clean and safe for wildlife.

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