How Do I Find a Lost Fishing Rod?

A fishing rod is an essential tool for any fisherman, and losing one can be a real bummer. Whether you dropped it in the water or left it on the beach, there are a few steps you can take to find a lost fishing rod and get back on the water.

Check the Area:

The first thing to do when looking for a lost fishing rod is to take a thorough look around the area where you last had it. If you were fishing from shore, double check spots along the beach where you may have set your gear down.

If you were on a boat, check any nearby docks or shoreline areas where your equipment could have washed up. If you have access to underwater cameras or snorkeling gear, even better! Taking an underwater look will help you spot your rod in case it sank or got swept away by currents.

Ask Around:

If your search of the area doesn’t turn up any results, try asking around. Notify other fishermen that may be in the area and ask if they’ve seen your rod. You can also post about it in local social media groups or on websites like Craigslist, which often have sections dedicated to lost and found items.

Retrace Your Steps:

If all else fails, try retracing your steps from when you originally had your rod. Think back to what route you took from that day and make sure to check all of those areas again in case it got moved by animals or another element of nature.


Finding a lost fishing rod can seem daunting but by taking some proactive steps like checking the area, asking around and retracing your steps it’s possible to find what was lost. With some luck and perseverance, you’ll be able to put yourself back on track and go out fishing again soon.

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Lindsay Collins