How Do I Choose a Fishing Pole for Kids?

No matter how young or old, everyone loves a day of fishing. If you are looking to get your child involved in the sport of fishing, it is important to have the right equipment.

Choosing the correct fishing pole for kids can be a difficult task as there are so many options on the market.

The first step when selecting a kid’s fishing pole is to consider their age and size. Smaller children should use shorter poles while larger children can use longer poles.

The size of the pole should be relative to the child’s size and strength level. It is also important that your child can handle and control the rod with ease.

When it comes to materials, most kid’s rods are made out of fiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass rods are great for beginners because they are more durable and forgiving on casts. Graphite rods may be more expensive, but they offer enhanced sensitivity and accuracy when casting.

Reel Selection

The type of reel you choose will depend on your budget as well as your child’s ability level. Spincast reels are great for beginners because they are easy to use and have fewer moving parts. They also help reduce tangles and backlashes making them a good choice for younger kids who may not have mastered casting yet.

Line Selection

When it comes to line selection, lighter lines are best for kids since they require less effort in casting and retrieving lures or bait. Light lines also help reduce fatigue so that your child can fish longer without getting tired.

Handle Material

When selecting a rod handle, look for a material that will provide comfort when held in the hand such as foam or cork handles which offer superior grip and comfort during long days out on the water.


Choosing the right fishing pole for kids can seem like an overwhelming task with all of the options available on the market today. However, by considering factors such as age, size, material, reel type, line type, and handle material you will be able to select a rod that is perfect for your little angler!

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