Does the Color of Your Fishing Rod Matter?

Fishing rods come in an array of colors and the age-old question remains: does the color of your fishing rod really matter? The answer is yes and no.

Although it seems like an insignificant detail, the color of your fishing rod can have an effect on your success. In a study done by Fishing 101, it was found that 80% of anglers who used darker colored rods caught more fish than their peers who had lighter colored rods.

This suggests that darker colors can be beneficial because they blend in better with the aquatic environment and won’t spook the fish as much.

Another reason why the color of your fishing rod may matter is because it can help you distinguish between multiple rods. If you’re a serious angler, chances are you have multiple rods for different types of fishing scenarios. Having different colors for each rod will help you identify which one you should use for certain types of fish or situations.

It’s also been suggested that certain colors may even attract fish to bite more than others. For example, one study showed that red lures were more effective at attracting fish than any other color lures. This suggests that choosing a brightly colored or patterned fishing rod could potentially help you catch more fish.


The bottom line is that while the color of your fishing rod may not make or break your success, it can still play a role in helping you catch more fish. Darker colors are better at hiding from prey while brighter colors may be more likely to attract them. Ultimately, it depends on what type of fishing you’re doing and what type of results you’re looking for.

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